About Us

www.PreserveOakville.com, is your one stop destination for real estate located in North Oakville. We cover the area north of Dundas, between Neyagawa Blvd and Ninth Line.  As of September 2014, there are about 2400 homes located in this area.

Currently we cover the following streets:

Gladeside Ave

Sixteen Mile Dr

Lane 132

Lane 133

Lane 136

Robert Brown Blvd

Gardenbrook Ave

Hiram Terrace

Charles Potter Ln

Trailside Dr

Bridgeview Rd

Lane 137

Daniel Clark Way

Emily Cline Ln

N Park Blvd

Hidden Trail Cir

Preserve Dr

Lane 147

Lane 146

Ellen Davidson Dr

Jemima Dr

Sarah Cline Dr

Lane 141

Betsy Dr

Lane 144

Kaitting Trail

Everly Woods Dr

Cherryhurst Rd

Culp Trail

McWilliams Crescent

Horton Way

Masterman Crescent

Hoey Crescent

Sawmill St

Kingsholm Dr

Larry Crescent

Isaac Ave

Janice Dr

Lane 139