Oakville’s Community Mailboxes

Oakville has switched to community mailboxes this fall. What do you think of the new community mailbox idea?

We understand the new community mailboxes, city’s don’t want to spend money on door to door deliveries, it is easier and more time efficient to have a courier delivery mail to one street corner that has 20 mailboxes, as opposed to delivering door to door. However, there has been some concern with the mailboxes and their locations.

The mailboxes are completely plastered with advertisements and flyers, making them look absolutely unappealing.

Some mailboxes are located quite far for some residents and some find it unattractive to have a bunch of mailboxes located in front of their window. It is hard for the elderly, as well as pregnant mothers to walk far to get their mail, especially in extreme weather conditions. If residents take their cars to get the mail, it causes quite a traffic jam during rush hours and for residents of the house where the mailboxes are located it is hard to get in and out of your driveway with a long car line-up.

The city should have recycling bins beside the community mailboxes, to avoid garbage and littering. Once a week when there is recycling pick up, they would need to stop in front of the community mailbox recycling bins as well.