live work mattamy

Mattamy Commercial/Residential Townhouses

Mattamy has released Live/Work townhouses that will bring in new business opportunities and offer the community services such as pharmacies, dry cleaners, doctor offices etc.

One set of these houses will be located on Preserve dr, just South of Sixteen Mile dr and the other set will be located on Sixteen Mile Dr and a new street that still doesn’t have a name. The city of Oakville does have a restriction of what retailers are allowed to open.

This will only keep improving the outlook of the community; it will add convenience, jobs and immense value to all the properties in the Preserve.

These have sold out on release day.

The retailers on Preserve Dr will be completed in January 2015 and the ones coming to Sixteen Mile will be complete in July 2015.

Below you will find floor plans along with pricing.

Our blog will keep you posted on who opened its doors and what you can expect and if there is any delays.