Mattamy has been building master-planned communities since 1978. They have built more than 60,000 homes across North America and have made a name for themselves in the industry and are well known among industry leaders as well as customers. When you are looking for a Mattamy home it is easy to recognize them, the exterior is unqiue and friendly and inviting looking. The layouts are suburb and space is used efficiently and nothing is wasted. The quality is high and a lot of attention is paid to the finishes and how the house looks, both exteriorly and interiorly. You can truly take pride in owning a Mattamy home. The Preserve community, in the north of Oakville, has some stunning homes. They have build freehold homes with work spaces below, that will add value to the community, create jobs and make it convenient for homeowners to have a hairdresser down the street, or a café or a convenience store. As well, the master plan has included a catholic elementary school to one side and a public elementary school to the other side. Mattamy truly incorporates community family living. The community has proposed parks, trails as well ponds and a promenade. Living in this new community is the new hype. Come and check out the Mattamy homes. The interior high end kitchens, the luxury baths, the finishes and the layouts; everything inside the Mattamy home is worth bragging about.


The Admiral

The Alder

The Aster

The Beech

The Cardinal

The Carnation

The Chestnut

The Chestnut End

The Clearwing

The Dahlia

The Daisy

The Dove

The Falcon

The Fern

The Ginger

The Holly

The Holly (3 Bedroom)

The Hummingbird

The Iris Corner

The Ivy End

The Jasmine

The Lavender

The Lilac

The Lily

The Marigold

The Meadowlark

The Monarch

The Orchid

The Oriole

The Oriole Corner

The Pearl End

The Periwinkle

The Snapdragon

The Snowberry

The Sunflower Corner

The Swallowtail

The Sweetgrass

The Tanager

The Tortoiseshell

The Trillium

The Vanessa End

The Viceroy

The Waterleaf

The Whipoorwill

The Willow

The Winterberry