Neyagawa Neighbourhood Update

The community looks great and will be connected to the east with the Mattamy and Remington Homes in the near future. This will be on large neighborhood with schools, shops, parks, and much more planned in the next few years.

At the corner of Neyagawa and Dundas construction has started. This spot will be home to new offices and retailers, conveniently located for the residents of the preserve neighborhood.

Offices and retailers have started jumping on this opportunity as preserve Oakville expands into a large community.

Everyone is competing for business here; they know that this is the new, upcoming and high demand area in Oakville.

Business will do well and Oakville north needs a few more grocery giants, doctor and dental offices.

This in turn creates job opportunities, especially for the residents of the preserve community.

We will keep you posted on which retailers are coming, when they are opening and also what they look like and the reviews that we are getting.