Preserve School Update

Public School Update

If you are living in the Preserve neighbourhood or you have driven by Dundas & Preserve, then you have seen the new Public School that is being built. The schools official address is 385 Sixteen Mile Dr. The school is called Oodenawi Public School and offers Junior Kindergarden to Grade 7 in English, along with a French Immersion program being offered to grades 1-7. For Grade 8, the preserve neighbourhood falls under the River Oaks neighbourhood and children will attend the school for grade 8 at the River Oaks Public School on 2173 Munn’s Ave. This school has the regular English program. For French Immersion Grade 8, The Preserve neighbourhood falls under the Sunningdale’s school district. This school is located at 1434 Oxford Ave.

The Public School is expected to open its doors this fall for the 2015-2016 school year.

If you wish to follow the construction of the school, here is a drone video since the beginning of construction, Nov 2014.