Remington has built dynamic homes for 25 years within the GTA. Since 2011, all new Remington homes are Energy Star qualified, meaning they are 30% more energy efficient than a regular home. It also saves 2-3 tonnes of green house gas emissions per year and on average, over 3000 kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Remington is a Canadian company that consists of 5 divisions; Industrial and Commercial Construction, Residential Construction, Land Development, Property Management and Finance and Administration. The Remington Group has been growing its business since the 1940s. They share their community development in Oakville in the Preserve with Mattamy, where they have built innovative homes, with excellent finishes. The homes both exterior and interior are absolutely breathtaking. Remington’s finishes and quality is amongst the best. The kitchen, bath and living rooms offer vignette. Remington also takes pride in their finishes. Remington homes offer high end finishes, custom designs and luxurious themes and color patterns. There is something out there for everyone. The homes are spacious and offer amazing layouts. The preserve community by Remington sits atop some prime real estate land. Homes are built surrounded by green landscape and new parks and ponds have been made to incorporate the name: the preserve. Together with Mattamy they have built a whole new community of homes, great for families and young professionals as well as empty nesters. The Preserve has also proposed plans for 2 elementary schools that will be built, right beside Remington and Mattamy. This is truly a desirable area.


 The Alder

 The Aspen

 The Balsan

 The Beech

 The Camellia

 The Cedar

 The Chestnut


The Cornel

 The Cyprus

 The Evergreen

 The Fir

 The Hazel

 The Hemlock

 The Hickory

 The Holly

The Juniper

The Larch

 The Linden

 The Magnolia

 The Maple

 The Oak

 The Pine

 The Redwood

 The Tamarack

 The Sequoia

 The Spruce

 The Sumac

 The Walnut

 The Willow