Rosehaven came about in 1992, and is a fairly new home builder in the Southern Ontario region. They have built and sold over 4,500 homes and have won awards based on architectural design. Their motto: “Distinctively different. Unmistakable Rosehaven. They find that curb appeal is very important for home buyers, hence they focus on design and to incorporate the design with the local heritage, in order for streetscape to blend in naturally with the surrounding area. Much time is being spent before each communities come up to think of the design and the elements that will be incorporated into each home. It is no wonder that this builder has made a name for itself in the business. The new homes in Oakville’s North feature some distinctive architectural design. Check out the gourmet kitchens, the spa like bathrooms and the high end quality finishes and you will say this is my new home. What sets this builder apart is that it includes certain upgrades for free in your home, such as cold cellars. Another signature of theirs is copper exterior finishes. It adds a touch of uniqueness and authenticity to their homes. Rosehaven truly understands customers and their wishes for a beautiful home. This spiked interest in the newer builder to create a new collection of homes under their platinum club edition and build signature estate homes. Their confidence in their product assures any Rosehaven customer that they have made the right choice. The homes north of dundas have the copper exterior finishes, which has made many homeowners as well as new home hunters stopping in awe in front of them. This unique style has caught the attention of many home buyers as well as neighbors.















 Poplar Corner

 Poplar End