Starlane is a popular builder in the Greater Toronto Area with over 45 years of experience in home building. It is a Toronto home builder that has tried to cater to many different customers, from first time home buyers, to second time homebuyers to empty nesters. They build some amazing homes and have won many awards for design and attention to detail. The Starlane Home Corporation has built and sold over 8,000 new homes in the GTA. The exterior of the houses in the Oakville area are magnificent. Every color matches perfectly, form the stone, to the brick and the stucco; Starlane exceeds everyone’s expectations. The interiors are absolutely breathtaking. The builder’s prime focus is the kitchen, although floors, baths and some finishing touches have not been spared in design and quality. Starlane focuses on getting its products form high end industry leaders when it comes to the materials they use. You can’t go wrong with a Starlane home, especially at a prime location in Oakville. This community just north of dundas has become the new hype, with several big builders joining forces to create a whole new lifestyle. Starlane is one of them; building some high end looking homes, and attracting a wide variety of customers to the area. The homes are still affordable for Oakville and the location is absolutely fantastic. The builders have built parks, ponds and have mapped out the area to the fullest. Starlane focuses on families and providing a family friendly community.