Why you should invest in a Water Softener

Many areas in the GTA have hard water, and to contrary belief it has nothing to do with the city or with the age of a house. Water hardness means that there is a large mineral content through calcium and magnesium deposits found in soil and rock. Since water is a solvent and minerals dissolve in water, it makes water hard and travels in solution and finds its ways into pipes. Hard water is not harmful to once health according to the WHO (World Health Organization) and is actually good for drinking, since it contains minerals. Many people that instal a water softening system choose to bypass the Kitchen sink for this reason. Soft water is also not good for water plants & soil since these need the necessary minerals found in hard water. So why do people get water softeners? Below are a few reasons.


  1. Water Softener is great for household chores. It eliminates bathroom scum, eliminating/reducing certain toxic cleaning products. When you wash clothes, these come out softer, and have no white residue (from calcification) on them. Your iron also doesn’t leave white residue on clothes.


  1. Skin & Hair feel great. Hard water can make your skin flaky and/or itchy, especially if you already have dry skin. Soft water, softens the skin and hair as well. Hair looks healthy and doesn’t require as much shampoo or conditioner.


  1. Soft water is great on your energy bill. Appliances have to work less with soft water. The main reason is that soap/detergent don’t work as well with magnesium and calcium mineral deposits and sometimes clothes or dishes leave residue and need to be washed again. If you notice cloudy wine glasses its due to the calcium deposits. Calcification is bad for appliances since it eats away at heating roads, interior lining etc. This causes the appliances to work twice as hard to increase heating time and results in a higher energy bill.


Water Softeners can be found in any Lowes, Rona and Home Depot. You will also need to buy the salt that goes into the water softener. The Whirlpool 44000-Grain Water Softener is $799 and works great. You will also need to get it professionally installed which typically costs around $500.